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Top 10 Most Underrated Party Schools In the USA Empty Top 10 Most Underrated Party Schools In the USA

on Sat Feb 02, 2019 3:25 pm
Year in and year out the well-known party professionals like USC, Texas, ASU, and PSU hog the limelight while lesser-known schoolsget overlooked. Until today. For all of our overachievers that never got the recognition they deserved, here’s our list of the 10 Most Unappreciated Party Schools in the USA. Check it out then post your comments:

1. College of Charleston
Hmm, a school that has 63% women and is in the south with beautiful weather? That sounds like it would be nice. What’s that you say? It also has tons of bars, easy access to a big city, and house parties to boot? Where do I sign up? It sounds like even if you don’t bring your Gamecock you’ll get laid.

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2. Georgia Southern
Some of the bars are actually next door to the dorms, making it easy to understand how easy it is to get a pre-class drink in. Statesboro doesn’t really have a whole lot going for it besides the boozing. Not to worry, though, there’s plenty of that to go around. Ace from MTV’s Real World went here.

3. Gettysburg College
Located in the same town as the Civil War battle, Gettysburg is more of a ‘drinking town with a history problem.’ G-Vegas is home to a bunch of fraternities that throw down for epic parties like ‘Spring Fest’ and ‘Tour de Franzia.’ Some even flood their basement for late-night freak fests. Last year’s Playboy College Girl of the Year goes to Gettysburg.

4. Montana State University – Bozeman
This year, Playboy awarded it the best Out-of-the-Way Party School, one of 17 individual category winners besides the regular Top 10. I can guarantee you their ranking has something to do with the fact that there’s a party there called the ‘Testicle Festival.’ It looks to be the nuttiest bunch of mountain people I ever done seen.

5. Plymouth State University
Plymouth is an hour outside of UNH, but they’ve made more of a name for partying than their bigger rival. In 2010, Plymouth State was ranked #9 on Playboy’s Top 10 Party Schools. It’s also got some of the best skiing in the Northeast on its doorstep.

6. Southern Illinois University
Once gracing the #1 Spot on Playboy’s Top Party School list, SIU still holds it down. Already boasting such parties as Drinking During Syllabus Week, Carbondale can’t celebrate Halloween anymore because the mayor thought the place was too out of control. Each year, SIU sets the record for most Coronas drank in a day for “Polar Bear” – a party held at their local bar Pinch Penny’s.

7. SUNY Oneonta
With the weather getting so f*cking cold up there, I can’t blame this college for going so hard. There are 34 bars within walking distance of
campus, and plenty of fraternity / house parties for those who are willing. To those who prefer a more laid-back ‘chill’ environment, it does have the nickname Stoneonta.

8. University of Dayton
The Dayton Flyers come in under the radar because of their big school rival Ohio State. This Catholic school stays away from the Jesus Juice and instead chooses to imbibe beer and liquor in ‘the Ghetto’ (the lovingly-named student housing section). Apparently, most of the house parties are completely open and don’t require you to pay anything for entrance or cups.

9. Western Michigan University
The University known as “Wastern” has a few in-state rivalrys going. There biggest one, though, is against Central Michigan. During that football game, 100,000 people come to Kalamazoo. Considering that only 50,000 in total go to each school, that’s a big tailgating event.

10. Tulane University
How this college doesn’t wind up on best party colleges year in and year out is beyond me. Mardi Gras, Jazz Fest, New Orleans, House of Blues, I can literally keep going on. It’s six minutes away from Bourbon Street. The drinking age might as well be 18. I’ve seen Girls Gone Wild filmed here. Party-school-list-makers, get your game right.
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